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A Girl Like You

Funny, sexy, and a little bit steamy, A Girl Like You follows fiftysomething Jessica Gabriel on her online dating adventures.

Publishers Weekly says, "Scribner’s candid tone will put readers in mind of a more explicit Sex and the City."

Coming 4/13/2021

His Name Is Cwiz: Lessons from a Lifelong Friendship

When a rattlesnake almost kills his best friend, Caesar “Cwiz” (pronounced Quiz) Ruiz, author Jeremy Rhyne can’t help but recall all of the wild times they shared growing up in Southern California—and the profound impression Cwiz has made on his life. Through near-death experiences, Bible study pranks, a kidnapping, hijinx across Europe and Asia, crashing the OJ trial, game show dating to falling in love and finally growing up, Cwiz and Jeremy came of age together in surprising and hilarious ways.

Coming 6/1/2021

Everyone Worth Knowing

A remarried man dreams of his dead wife. A widowed preacher seeks out guilt and inspiration in a brothel. A man who refuses to wear a mask in the spring of 2020 faces the consequences of his choice. Through the eyes of these and other flawed men, Jeff Richards explores childhood, parenthood, love, life, and toxic masculinity.

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April 2021