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Circuit Breaker Books is proud to announce our debut publication, A Girl Like You, by Cari Scribner!

Funny, sexy, and a little bit steamy, A Girl Like You follows fiftysomething Jessica Gabriel on her online dating adventures.

Publishers Weekly says, "Scribner’s candid tone will put readers in mind of a more explicit Sex and the City."

Coming 4/13/2021

The day Jeremy Rhyne met Cwiz (pronounced Quiz) in their high school health class, he had their entire classroom laughing. Rhyne decided to stick by Cwiz’s side from that day forward, unaware of the lessons their lifelong friendship would offer. From first jobs and high school pranks to marriages and globetrotting adventures, His Name Is Cwiz charts one remarkable man’s journey from class clown to respected community member. (Okay, mostly respected.)

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April 2021