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Sky Court

Faith Mosley

Paperback $13.95 | Ebook $6.99

Casey Black—a seventeen-year-old butch lesbian—lives a quiet life with her grandfather in a small, central-Illinois town. When not at school or working at the Wise Owl café, she spends most of her time at home in her grandfather’s subsidized apartment complex, Sky Court. But when young Patricia Dale goes missing, Casey joins the search for the girl, despite the objections of her grandfather and her laid-back boss.

Fellow Sky Court residents and local high-school basketball stars Steve Jones and Trevor Morrison rarely interact with Casey beyond the occasional silent wave of acknowledgment. But Steve and Trevor are hiding a secret that could very well unravel their local superstar status. Amid washing dishes and helping search for the missing child, Casey falls for another Sky Court occupant, Rowena Miller, who has recently returned from a semester abroad in France. Soon, the lives of Casey, Rowena, Steve, and Trevor intertwine in ways Casey never expected.

In Sky Court, a multi-layered mystery and coming-of-age story, Casey must face life and death head-on, while also contemplating the complexities of love, loneliness, and growing up.